Online business emerges in the commercial landscape. Small and medium-sized enterprises are doing good in overseas and offshore. Therefore, business owners second the opportunity and make a good margin. Dropshipping, however, is the leader in online business, surpassing all the business limitations, including risks, high investment, etc. Today’s post will highlight this promising aspect and discuss how you can start dropshipping in 6 simple steps. 

Post-Covid business world has been experiencing a boom in the E-commerce sector. Supply chain management is also ready to grab the opportunity, and online business breaks all the barriers like distance or quality product. In this light, dropshipping flourishing is just a matter of fact. If you’re an entrepreneur thinking about dropshipping but clueless about where you can start, let’s show you proper guidance through our post. 

You can start from scratch, or if you’ve got a website, you’re all set to start, and that’s it. So read the simple steps and become a successful dropship business owner. 

6 Simple Steps to Start Your Dropshipping Business Online

Dropshipping is the most popular online business trend nowadays, which you can start within 6 simple ways. Take pen and paper and note down the steps. 

Identify Your Business Niche

This is the first step you need to take; the decision will determine your success or failure in this business. The business niche is to identify the product’s demand. The essential products always have a good market, and you can reach out to your customers easily and quickly. You must select your niche carefully to make your own customer base. Further, your brand strategy depends on the niche selection, so be picky and choose the products that are unavailable locally, but people search on google randomly. 

Search the Best Suppliers 

Suppliers must be the best in the market as you need to sell quality products, or you cannot sustain the neck-to-neck competition. Your second and another important step is to find out the best suppliers amid the crowd. AliExpress is considered as one of the best platforms to find qualified suppliers. Most suppliers stay overseas, and you need to communicate frequently to understand their responsiveness, business attitude, and product quality. 

Research Your Competitors 

When you start, you have to compete with established brands. You should refrain from copying their strategy but try to pull out their loopholes so that you can fill the gap to exhibit your brand among your customers. Additionally, you need to check their price model, quality, return policy, marketing, etc. and design your own based on your findings. 

Develop Your Dropshipping Website

An E-commerce website is a bit different from an average site. You have to follow a pattern while developing the site, as your site will be your store, and your customers will visit your site to buy items. It could be medium or large, and while acknowledging the domain, ensure it comes with SSL to encrypt your domain and hostings. Competition is high, and hackers are everywhere to target businesses. Keep all these pros and cons at the time of website development. 

Customer Acquisition Plan 

Outreaching to your potential customer is mandatory to scale up your business. You can start with various social media platforms and use the most extensive user base to target your buyers. Different social media now allow business owners to run paid ad campaigns; if you want to launch your business with paid marketing, you can go with the option. Otherwise, you can rely on Google Analytics, Search Engine Optimization, like organic ways to reach out to your buyers. 

Optimize Your Business

After the website building and marketing strategy are decided, your next step will be to optimize your business. In E-commerce, you can track every single conversion after verifying the data metrics. Through optimization, you can manage and control your marketing strategy and even change it if the plan doesn't give desired results. Besides, if you monitor massive leads and conversions, you can continue with the marketing model; therefore, the data and optimization drive sales. 

The fundamentals for setting up your dropshipping business are these six doable steps; however, your smart approach and business mind will decide your fate in the business world. Therefore, we have come up with more suggestions for you. Here they are: 

  • Focus on building your own brand in the dropshipping business 
  • Pick the products with good demand, indicating you can earn considerable margin and sustain for the long term.
  • Go for Google Analytics data, and minutely monitor the leads and conversion ratio because your marketing strategy based on these data.
  • Check the price of the products and display low shipping cost items so that your overseas customers can have the items at relatively less price.
  • Use various channels to generate traffic to your website to ensure sales and growth eventually. 
  • Check often Google SERP to see how people are actively looking for the products you showcase on your website; this research will help find the right items for your dropshipping business.

The above-noted suggestions are for your long-term goal to sustain in the market. Starting a dropshipping business needs minimal things like a PC, active internet, and $100 to $500 bucks; therefore, competition is high. In this context, start your dropshipping business with handy dropshipping tool like DSers will ensure a healthy margin and fast growth. Let’s learn more about the best dropshipping tool. 

DSers Dropshipping Tool: Embark Your E-commerce Journey 

The best AliExpress dropshipping tool DSers confirm your business growth when you start working with it. With DSers dropshipping tool, you can connect with various suppliers from AliExpress. In addition, you can place bulk orders and get customer satisfaction as a bonus with DSers. The best dropshipping tool offers many more to the business owners like you. Let's understand. 

What Are the Benefits You'll Get with DSers? 

With DSers dropshipping tool, you only need a website, rest all the software will do. The benefits list consists of the following:

  • Free installation for you
  • You can avail quality products for your buyers
  • You can place bulk orders to AliExpress with a few clicks. 
  • An auto-syncing tracking number to your store and PayPal
  • You'll get auto-update order status from AliExpress
  • You can provide reasonable offers like Buy One, Get One to your customers
  • Products division ensures categorical division of the products
  • It can help you to display all imported AliExpress products in one place
  • You can hide products you no longer want to sell

You can utilize the advantages once you link up your store to DSers. Let's understand how you can link your store site to DSers; here are the steps.

How to Link DSers to Your Website Store? 

Follow the simple steps below: 

Step 1: Signup with DSers with a valid mail id and confirm the process.

Step 2: Select the platform of your website by clicking from the dropdown menu; suppose your site is built on Shopify; click on Shopify.

Step 3: Now add the URL link to the store by clicking ‘Add Store’

Step 4: Click on the 'Accept' button to confirm the link up with DSers to your website store.

Step 5:  Tap on ‘Get Started’ and customize your DSers dropshipping dashboard as per your preferences

Step 6: Once you customize the dashboard, open it and click on ‘Link to AliExpress.’ Here you need to enter your email account and password for the link up. You need to create a mail ID if you don’t have one.


Step 7: Click on ‘Add Wishlist’ on your website and ensure Order Status, Tracking Information, Account Shipping, Price Rules, and other options.

Step 8: Open the ‘Products’ and click on ‘Import List’ 

Your store is linked to AliExpress; you can check various suppliers for quality products.

Bottom Line

The trendy online venture dropshipping business needs minimal arrangements to start. Because of this, entrepreneurs see it as a low-investment business strategy and adopt it. You don't need any inventory, a considerable investment, a working crew, or anything else. But, above all, you can run the business from home. So the 6 simple steps we have covered are the foundation to start crawling to your dropshipping venture online and if you ensure your business growth, start working with DSers dropshipping tool.